Purpose Of the Charter

The purpose of this charter is to enlighten our esteemed customers on the services provided by Kahuti Water & Sanitation Company (KAWASCO), their quality and availability. The charter is also our public declaration to our customers of our commitment to delivery of these services. It spells out what services and standards of service delivery that the customer should expect from us, and how to seek remedy if our services fall below our customers’ expectations. This service charter is subject to review occasionally.

Our customer charter seeks to ensure that we:


S/ No

Service rendered


Charges in Kenya Shillings



Provision of information/attendance to inquiries

Put a request or visit our customer care offices


Visit – 10 minutes

Email-1 day

Mailed request-14 days

Field visit-14 days


Provision of new water connection

Title deed/letter from the chief, duly filled agreement form, customer to purchase fittings as prescribed.

Note: The company does NOT sell meters. A monthly meter rent is included in the water bill


Connection fee = 2,500

Deposit               = 2,500



Connection fee =2,500

Deposit  : varies with meter size


7 days



Payment of dues, including penalties where applicable and a reconnection fee of Ksh 500


24 hours (excluding weekends)


Meter testing

Payment of meter testing fee


1 day


Meter servicing

Customer makes a request


1 day


Dispatch of bills



Within the first week of the month


Resolution of customer complaints

1)       Erroneous bills

2)       No water flow

3)       Minor bursts

4)       Major bursts

1)       Visit customer care desk and register complaint

2)       Visit or call customer care desk

3)       Call customer care desk

4)       Call customer care desk


1)       1 day


2), 3) & 4) 1 day but varies according to the magnitude of the problem


Customer Responsibilities

  1. Treat the KAWASCO Ltd Staff with courtesy.
  2. Avail all necessary information and document to KAWASCO for efficient provision of service.
  3. Abide by the legal requirement and comply with the company’s policies and generally accepted standards.
  4. Raise complaints promptly and give feedback on services within the valid time period.
  5. Not to construct any structures on water pipelines.
  6. Report any pipe bursts/leaks, missing fittings and chamber covers promptly to the company
  7. Pay for their bills promptly
  8. Give access to KAWASCO staff for the purpose of meter reading and/or maintenance and inspection of the pipeline.
  9. Avoid collusions and compromises that may lead to defrauding the company
  10. Report any matters deemed to have negative impact on service provision and especially illegal practices in their areas. The company will treat such reports with utmost confidence.

Feedback Mechanism

For all enquiries, complains, compliments, suggestions or reports, you may contact us by post, telephone, email or in person by visiting our offices. Our contacts are as follows:

Customer care


Head office

020 2061816




Postal address

General Manager

Kahuti Water & Sanitation Company Ltd

P. O. Box 118-10202


Off Kangema-Kanorero Road