Company’s Vision:

To be the leading water and sanitation provider in the country

Company’s Mission:

To provide quality water and sanitation services to our customers in an affordable and sustainable manner.

KAWASCO’S core values

  1. Strong commitment to the delivery of quality customer service.
  2. Commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability
  3. Commitment to teamwork, networking and collaboration with others.
  4. Commitment to equal opportunity and gender parity.

KAWASCO Strategic Objectives.

  1. To increase access and coverage to water services from 18% to 46%
  2. To reduce unaccounted for water from 80% to 50%
  3. To achieve operational financial sustainability from current O&M coverage of 94% to 100%.
  4. To strengthen the institutional capacity of the company.
  5. To improve communication with the stakeholders.
  6. To facilitate improvement in access to sanitation services.
  7. To mainstream crosscutting issues of poverty, gender, HIV, environment etc